Wednesday, May 4, 2011


MWM6600RW Microwave OvenMWM6600RW HAIER Microwave OvenMWM6600RW Microwave Oven
MWM6600RW HAIER Microwave Oven is the smallest microwave I could find, so it saves a little counter space. I was a bit worried that a full sized dinner plate wouldn't fit into it, but a dinner plate fits with room to spare. If you don't need to microwave a full chicken or turkey on a regular basis (and honestly, who does?), this microwave is almost certainly large enough for your needs.

I have to agree with a previous reviewer about that giant sticker, though - that thing was horribly annoying to take off, and has left a nasty, scuzzy scar in its wake. I'm pretty sure the scuzzy scar isn't as bad as the sticker itself was, but an awesome third option would be NOT having the sticker on there in the first place.

Also, this is going to sound silly, but the door is a little hard to get open in contrast to the weight of the microwave. Maybe it will loosen with time, but right now the machine itself moves a half to a full inch every time I open the door. And finally, for ultimate pettiness, I'd like to mention that the "done" chime is louder and harsher than I'd like.

Still, for the price and the size? Pretty good little machine. I'd buy it again.

This model is nice for RVs because it is fairly low power draw (950 watts listed, but there's a surge at startup; I run it off a 1500 watt inverter with no problems) and it uses dials instead of electronic buttons, so it doesn't think it needs to be reset every time you unplug it. It's small enough to fit inside of an overhead cabinet with room for ventilation. At 600 watts cooking power, it can take a while to heat food up, but it gets the job done, and the turntable is a nice touch.

I was looking for a small microwave for my Mom who, at 89, has limited tolerance for anything with a keypad. Came across this product which uses knobs rather than a keypad. Excellent! Very easy to use, and the knobs are easy to grasp and turn for those with limited hand strength and poor eyesight. The door is also easy to grasp and open. She's had zero problems using it.

It's not strong in terms of power (only 600 watts), size, or functions, but if you're looking for a plane-Jane, easy to use microwave, this should be on your list. Shipping was very quick, but packaging was poor (sent in the box as-is without any additional packing).READ MOREMWM6600RW HAIER Microwave Oven.

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